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Leed Construction Ltd  has a strong reputation for putting the needs of our clients first. We prioritise delivering residential spaces that homeowners can be proud of. Our reputation is built on years of trust, superior customer service and most importantly, beautiful results. We provide our clients with only the finest in building materials, along with a design that is crafted to impress. At leed construction ltd we will guide you throughout the process, from the initial inquiry to post-construction final details. Our clients can feel reassured that their project is being completed with care and expertise.
1. Inquiry
No $ Required
Every project is planned and executed with care. To begin your project with us, please complete our online request form for a quote and proposal. We are pleased to begin working with you.

2. Site Visit
No $ Required
We will schedule a site visit with you following your request review and initial contact. This site visit helps us to begin the next steps of the process by meeting with you and evaluating the project site in person.

3. Plans/Drawings
$ Required
A designer or architect will help to visually bring your project to life. Not only is help from a designer or architect essential to the planning process, but you are also provided with help to effectively budget for your project. Leed Construction Ltd has valued partnerships with several architects and designers that can help plan your beautiful residential project.

4. Scope of Work/Cost Estimate
No $ Required
We will outline a complete scope of work and estimate for the cost of your project. Plans from an architect or designer will help us to effectively come up with an estimate and plan for your project.

5. Presentation of Design & Budget
No $ Required
A formal meeting will be arranged between you and Leed Construction Ltd to discuss the plans for your project and outline the budget in detail. During this meeting, you will have an opportunity to discuss the budget and plans for your residential project.

6. Decision
No $ Required
You are welcomed to either accept or decline our proposal once you have taken time to review the estimated budget and plan for your project. Please keep in mind contingency costs in your budget as well.

7. Sign Contract & Provide Deposit
$ Required
If you have accepted our proposal, congratulations! We are pleased to begin your residential project. Before we can begin, we will require formal documentation to be completed and a deposit cheque must be obtained.

8. Permit Application
$ Required
Leed Construction Ltd makes every fine detail a priority when it comes to your project. We will work with the designer or architect to initiate any permit application process on your behalf to begin your project.

9. Introductory Meeting
$ Required
Your project manager will schedule a pre-construction meeting with you before construction begins. This meeting will be utilized to review our selection process, review vendors and clear up any remaining details.

10. Begin Construction
$ Required
Once the planning process is complete, the construction for your residential project can begin. Your project manager will have ongoing contact with you to keep you informed on the progress of the construction.

11. During Construction
No $ Required
During the construction, we will plan regular site visits to ensure that the project is going well and to review the progress to make sure the project remains on schedule.

12. Final Walkthrough Post-Construction
No $ Required
Leed Construction Ltd will schedule a final walk through with you once the construction is complete. This will give you an opportunity to review the results and discuss any final details with your project manager


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